Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey


About four times a year, I traveled with a writer and a content creation team to Lynchburg, Tennessee to create a batch of social content for our friends at Jack Daniel's. We worked nimbly, but our small team made a lot happen. Over one year, we created more than 120 pieces of unique content that were shared throughout more than 100 global markets.

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Post Copy: Select carefully. Drink responsibly. 

The Single Barrel family is Jack's most premium offering. There's no timetable for when it's ready to bottle other than when a Master Distiller samples it sand says so. 


International Firefighters' Day

Post Copy: We’d like to raise a glass of Old No.7 to the first responders.

The Jack Daniel Distillery has their very own volunteer fire brigade. When these distillers aren't making whiskey, they're making sure Lynchburg, Tennessee is protected from fire.

Earth Day

Post Copy: We won’t stand for whiskey spills. And we don’t just mean at the bar.

One Jack Daniel's barrelhouse holds 20,000 barrels of whiskey. They've never lost a barrelhouse and don't intend to anytime soon.



Post Copy: Our barrels have a habit of coming back to life. That’s because folks repurpose them for beer brewing, furniture making and, well, just about everything else.

Jack Daniel's only uses their American White Oak barrels once. After that, they go to a place dubbed the 'barrel graveyard," where they wait to find out what life is like after whiskey-making.


New Years

Post Copy: Happy New Year, from Lynchburg to Lisbon and everywhere in between.

We worked with musicians from all over the world to record one familiar New Years tune. Each musician played their part separately. We mixed the track in-house to create an original piece of content for our friends at Jack Daniel's.



Creative Director: Chris Valencius

Writers: Alisha Volkommer + Clark Chamberlin

Content Creators: Anthony Adamick + Jon Walley